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As a famous One-stop OEM plant in China, Wencheng Seals is committed to OEM seals to help customer avoid wasting much time to look for plants of each part, get the source information in China,and finally improve your competitive power.

Wencheng Seals is good at metal parts,PTFE, Rubber,UHMWPE, PA66,Compressed Non-asbestos Fiber and polyurethane seals,especially the PTFE coated Rubber seals has been used in many facilities such as chemical dosing pumps, industrial valves and dehumidifiers.

Found in 1992,at the beginning, distributors and few companies required us to make PTFE seals based samples and drawings, we started to help valve company OEM valve PTFE part in 2002, and PTFE envelope CNAF gasket, manlid seals and PTFE encapsulated O Ring according to demand of clients.In these years,Wencheng Seals OEM many different seals, know the requirements and areas of use.We realize our ability of OEM and advantage, decided to start international business for a big stage,this is a chance and challenge.

In 2018,Wencheng started the business of metal  precision machinery based on the accumulated experience of in precision machining in previous time.We could OEM a series of metal such as stainless steel, carbon steel, iron, brass, aluminum, cast iron etc. The service fields include aerospace, vehicles, large machinery, hardware and chemical industry, oil and gas pipeline, logistics and so on.

Now you can see many OEM parts on website,it shows that our products in many fields.Wencheng Seals has grown up on a long way from being supplier of domestic distributors to serve some valued companies in the world in valve and fitting,energy, Oil & Gas,fluid treatment facilities, ISO tank container and washing fields.With this wide and successful exposure to so many different fields,Wencheng Seals has earned a reputation on OEM seals to cooperate more international friends.


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